Scale model TV Studio and Prop RoomI enjoy building highly detailed models of all sorts of things.  During my years in broadcast television production, I built a 3/4" scale model television production complex that included two studios and a prop room.  The entire model was scratch built with the exception of some of the accessories that came from doll house collections.  The studios were complete with cameras with removable lens, working pan/tilt heads, pedestal camera stands, working light grid with various types of fresnel lens, barndoors, gel frames, and of course, sets and props.  The pictures here reveal just a small sample of the extreme detail in these models.
My current modeling efforts are in the area of ship building, particularly ocean liners.  There are a limited number of these models so it's frequently more like a scavenger hunt than anything else.  I visit several local model stores regularly to see if anything new has come in.  I recently finished this kit model of a fishing trawler.
I have a wonderful assortment of plastic model kits of ocean liners.  Several Queen Elizabeth 2, the Queen Mary, France, United States, N.S. Savannah, Mauretania, Titanic, and an assortment of tugboats and freighters.  Eventually I might even build them!

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